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Unearthing geothermal energy to heat and power the UK.

Through collaboration we are supporting and advancing geothermal research and delivery in the UK.

Research and knowledge

Developing a national hub for geothermal know-how through collaboration with experts.

Policy, regulation and investment

Driving the creation of stable, integrated frameworks to expedite geothermal development.

Technology and innovation

Transitioning skills and technology, and inspiring innovation to grow a geothermal sector that will deliver a pipeline of projects.  

Connecting infrastructure

Championing the integration of geothermal heat and power to the future low carbon energy mix.

By 2050:

direct jobs generated.
of the UK's heat supplied.
0 GW
of the UK's electricity delivered.
0 GW
of CO₂ emissions avoided annually.
0 Mt

Why geothermal energy?

Geothermal energy is low carbon, secure and continuous.

It uses available technology, has a global track record and already delivers reliable and sustainable energy to heat some of our homes, businesses and industries. It can provide baseload power for our electricity grid. Geothermal energy will play a vital role in ensuring our energy security, underpinning the future energy mix, and enabling a just transition to our net zero future.

Our founders

Together we are forging partnerships across industry and academia to build the UK’s geothermal sector.

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Join our community, participate in our working groups and support the work of the National Geothermal Centre.

Together we will unleash geothermal energy’s full potential across the UK.